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Welcome To Temple Economic Development.

We are the Lord’s spiritual warriors in battle to help underserved communities. Temple church is your sanctuary for spiritual guidance. Learn more about our quest by reading below.

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From health fairs to back-to-school supplies, we’re committed to uplifting our community one soul at a time. Click below if you want to help or be helped. This is the place to make a real difference.

How We Help Our Community

Join Temple Church through one of our various efforts to make a difference in your community.


We welcome you with open arms. Join us in our worship and strengthen your spirit!

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Volunteer to help us organize events that change peoples’ lives or come and get the help you need. Click Here.


No matter where you are in the world. You can still make a difference in someones’ life by providing a donation. Click Here.

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As an independent branch of Kelsey Temple COGIC, we’re committed to empowering the underserved and supporting minority businesses. Our vision is to enhance community well-being through spiritual and community-based services.

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Passionate about making a difference? Your generous donation can help us uplift those who need it most. Choose a cause that speaks to your heart and contribute today to transform lives in our community.


Est. Nov 2023

Health Fare


Est. Nov 2023

Care Package For Seniors


Est. Nov 2023

Transition Housing

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Health Fare

Care Package For Seniors

Our initiative is designed to show our elders that they are cherished, valued, and never alone. These packages, filled with essentials like nutritional supplements, comforting items, books, and little luxuries, are more than just material gifts.